In Remembrance of Kyle Chepulis

It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that we share the passing of Flea co-founder and aesthetic visionary, Kyle Chepulis. He poured his heart and tenacity into every project he took on, often finding elegant, delightful and distinctly affordable “downtown” scenic solutions to even the most challenging plays. The Flea and so many great productions have made their mark because of his excellent artistry. 

Over 25 years, Kyle designed eighteen shows with The Flea including the breakout hit Benton Kozo and The Guys, an ode to 9/11 firefighters. He oversaw the design of our first home on 41 White Street, installing an intimate stage house in our downstairs theater that allowed artists to take risks without having to incur the expense of building an original set. This singular stroke of genius was the home to countless first productions, world premieres and where over 35 cycles of Serials were staged and celebrated. 

He brought the same deft thinking to the conceptualization of our current home on 20 Thomas Street ensuring that each space has a distinct personality that inspires artists and serves the diversity of disciplines that call downtown theater home. Although, we may no longer get to live in the presence of his thrilling creativity, pointed advice or steadfast friendship, his indelible mark will live on in our hearts and in the theaters he helped dream into being.