We support and invest in experimental art by Black, brown, and queer artists. We provide space, financial support, producing partnership and other resources so that they may develop and share their vision in community with audiences.

Mission Amplifier

We work to create a culture where Black, brown and queer artists and their audiences can commune, create art on their own terms and live in their full expression and cultural truths. We will support work that is not strictly defined by traditional designations like “off-off-Broadway” or “theater”. While we are a NYC based company, we encourage artists to be unbound by geography or physical buildings. We also create opportunities for audiences to deepen their knowledge, practice and interest in experimental art by Black, brown and queer artists


Core Values

Human centered

We invest in people before things. We recognize that people are at the core of our work and will create opportunities that are equitable, fair and promote open access. When making decisions, we will consider everyone’s humanity, unique life experiences and circumstances.

Anti-racism & Anti-oppression

We actively work to dismantle structures that reinforce systemic racism and we replace them with structures that empower all of our community members and stakeholders. We are pro-Black, pro-brown, pro-woman/femme and pro-queer, at a minimum. We acknowledge this list is not exhaustive, and embrace the multitude of ever-evolving identities and intersections.


We work together and we are not siloed. We value when artists, staff and stakeholders participate in the development of the organization. We invite heterogeneity and differences of opinion.


We believe in pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo, on stages and in our operations.


We are accountable for our impact on the environment. We will do our part to sustain our planet for future generations.


We communicate clearly and don’t speak in coded language. We are honest about what we can and cannot provide, and about how resources are divided. We invite our community to hold us accountable to our expressed values and mission.