Guest Productions at the Flea

These are upcoming productions that are renting our spaces. The following links will take you to their external sites.

Please connect with them directly for all questions regarding ticketing, seating, show content, and timing.

We require proof of full vaccination for all guests older than 12 years of age and audiences must wear masks at all times for any show at the Flea. You may be subject to additional requirements, please refer to your show’s additional information.

Flavors of Magic






Flavors of Magic is appearing monthly at The Flea!   Join us for an intimate magic show featuring all kinds of magicians doing all kinds of magic.

We are magicians who perform wonders from the heart, bringing different perspectives and our personal styles and stories to one of the oldest performing arts. We feature artists who are Black, indigenous, and people of color, LGBTQ+ magicians, lots of female magicians, performers with disabilities, and neurodiverse magicians. We believe that our backgrounds and histories are reflected in the art we create.

Join us and try all the Flavors of Magic!

August 25


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SERIALS, a late night serialized theater thrill ride drenched in fake blood, painted with rainbow glitter, and filled with the boldest choices seen on any stage in New York City, exemplifies the soul of The Fled Collective. SERIALS is a bimonthly program consisting of five 10-minute plays, pitted against each other, with audiences voting for the three shows they want to see continued in a new episode the next month. Follow @thefledcollective for more updates!


Follow @thefledcollective for updates!


House of Chavis










A man confronts his notions of masculinity and fatherhood as he decides to record a video message to his estranged son, who is competing in a reality TV show… for drag queens! In this TOSOS world premiere production, Robert Macke’s play, House of Chavis explores the struggles of acceptance and rejection between LGBTQIA+ folx and their families.

July 13 – Aug 6


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