Date TBA

SERIALS: ONLINE! is going dark this week. 

SERIALS will return at a later date when our appetite for entertainment returns. Our focus remains on the COVID-19 pandemic and recognizing the needs of the black artists in our community. Black Lives Matter.

Fans of The Flea’s late-night episodic show now have the chance to experience five all-new plays specifically created for digital viewing.

SERIALS: ONLINE! will be available to stream on Instagram and YouTube at a date to be announced.

Since its inception in 2011, SERIALS has become a hallmark of The Flea, featuring The Bats and New York’s top emerging playwrights and directors. SERIALS puts the power in the hands of the audience who votes for the top three plays to come back the following cycle with the next installments. The teams with the two least popular stories must likewise come back the following month, but with entirely different serialized plays. At SERIALS: ONLINE! fans will vote for their favorite three shows by ‘liking’ each video on Instagram or voting via an online form. The top three plays return next month with their next installments. 

*Admission is free, but if you have the means we ask that you consider one of our Pay-What-You-Can admission options.

Note: You will receive a Zoom link and password to be sent out prior to the streaming party on June 6th. Individual registration for members of the same household is not required.


SERIALS: ONLINE! is performed by The Bats including Keith Weiss, Nick Turturro, Laurel Anderson, Sarah Alice Shull, Brendan George, Alice Lussiana Parente, Annie Perales, Muge Karagulle, Joan Marie, Michael Ortiz, Zac Porter, Alex Hazen Floyd, Tasha Milkman, Ure Egbuho, Hannah Karpenko, Nathaniel Ansbach, Azalea Lewis, Rora Brodwin, Christine Pollnow, Susannah Wilson, Dolores Avery, Mattew Macca, Aly Slater, Keith Weiss, Amber Jaunai,Elizabeth Spindler, Dorothea Gloria, Vanessa Guadiana, Arielle Gonzalez, Joseph Dalfonso, Brittany Zaken, Georgia Kate Cohen, Katryna Williams, Neysa Lozano, Ashley Morton, Dana Placentra, Marcus Jones. 

SERIALS: ONLINE!  is written by the SERIALS Writers Room including Niccolo Aeed, Oscar Cabrera, Brian Kettler, Marina Tempelsman, and Joshua Young, and is directed by The Flea’s Resident Directors including Rebecca Aparicio, Daniella Caggiano, Lauren DeLeon, Raz Golden, and Kimille Howard. SERIALS is co-artistically produced by Drayton Heirs and Michael Raine, produced by Joseph Dalfonso and Annie Perales, and associate produced by Michael Ortiz and Elizabeth Spindler.