The Flea Theater and the Black and Brown Equity Coalition of Fire Island

Mx. Juneteenth Fire Island Drag Pageant

The Ice Palace Resort (Cherry Grove, Fire Island)
June 18th at 7:30pm
“What An Inclusive Gay 'Safe Haven' Actually Looks Like”
- Huffington Post

It’s big, it’s bold and it’s back for its second year! The Mx. Juneteenth Fire Island Pageant is about to flip last year’s competition upside down! This pageant celebrates Black drag artistry of all gender expressions with the winner taking home a $2,000 prize! Special guests to be announced!


BaBEC develops and implements initiatives and activities to promote Black and transgender equity as well as a sense of belonging among LGBTQ+ Black people and all people of color in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, and surrounding areas. They do this by building coalition with value-aligned people, businesses and organizations on and off-island.



Join us June 11–19 throughout New York on a journey towards Black liberation and a celebration of Black joy, dreams, experiences, queerness, resistance, and more. Featuring new works by Ebony Noelle Golden, James Scruggs, Chanon Judson, Niegel Smith, and the Mx. Juneteenth Fire Island Drag Pageant by the Black and Brown Equity Coalition of Fire Island (BaBEC), this year’s Juneteenth public programming is distinct, daring, and engaging.

About The Flea’s Juneteenth Public Performance Program
The Flea’s Juneteenth Public Performance Program is also part of the Festival of New York, a growing collective of 200+ organizations across the five boroughs collaborating to marshal the creativity, resiliency, diversity, and spirit of collaboration that makes New York one of the strongest and most inspiring cities on earth.

The Juneteenth Public Performance Program was piloted by The Flea in 2021 to great success and commissioned and premiered four new public performances: Chanon Judson’s Time’s Up A Liberation Ritual, a new participatory dance piece in Fulton Park of Bed Stuy; James Scruggs’ Ask Me About Juneteenth, where an unusual character offered cotton blooms and cash to viewers willing to engage others in a frank conversation about race; Imani Uzuri’s Jus’ Like A Tree Planted By Water, a performance of experimental interpolations of African American spirituals in Harlem; and, Artistic Director Niegel Smith’s The Worthy, a celebratory walk for justice and Black men from the African Burial Ground to The Flea theater uplifting our souls.