2018/19 Season: Color Brave

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A new play by screenwriter and director Todd Solondz, a revival by hyper-realist Thomas Bradshaw and world premiere productions by rising writers Geraldine Inoa, Idris Goodwin, Kristiana Rae Colón, and Nick Gandiello are all in store for the 2018/19 season at The Flea.

good friday

February 11 - March 18, 2019
The Siggy

A fierce and funny feminist debate is disrupted by a ricochet of bullets. Assaulted at every turn, a group of millennial women must decide whether they are ready to put their bodies on the line for each other. good friday tackles #metoo feminism at the intersection of gun and sexual violence.


February 28 - March 9, 2019
The Siggy

5 plays go in. 3 plays come out. Your vote decides.

Southern Promises

March 11 - April 14, 2019
The Sam

On his deathbed, a plantation owner vows to set his slaves free, but his wife rejects the request and chaos soon erupts on the plantation. Based on slave narratives and featuring an all PoC company of actors, Southern Promises is a brilliant examination of the deeply disturbing and utterly corrupting power of  American slavery and its lasting grip on our country's hearts and institutions.


October 7 - April 14, 2019
The Pete

Stanley always has trouble falling asleep - even counting sheep doesn't help! When he receives an invitation to visit the Kingdom of Pillowland, he sets off on an exciting adventure with his friends Finn, Quinn and you! From the company that brought you Please Bring Balloons comes a new interactive play for your youngest theatergoers based on the hit song by Laurie Berkner.

Secret Identity

January 9 - February 2, 2019
The Siggy

The world can be unbearable when the school bully paints a target on your back. For 16-year-old JT, it means retreating to the safer and terrifically exciting world of spandex-clad super heroes he’s created. Things get complicated, though when his imaginary, square-jawed hero Paladin suddenly has competition in the form of the very real, but equally square-jawed, and dazzling new kid in school Trey. Lines between the real world and the imaginary world start to blur, and JT may become a casualty of his own storytelling. When adolescent fantasies come in heroic proportions it’s difficult to keep them under wraps. Playwright Chris Weikel, whose previous work Fern Siegel described in the Huffington Post as “witty” and “clever” gives voice to the many ways bullying can wreak havoc in the lives of LGBTQ+ youth. It shines a light on the decisions many who feel marginalized must confront in a society where bullying has become the norm.

Off The Ground

February 12 - February 16, 2019
The Pete

Experiments in Opera presents workshop performances of three different operas. Rainbird is a collaboration between director/librettist Mallory Catlett and composer Aaron Siegel. Chunky in Heat is a multi-composer work based on a libretto by A.M. Homes, directed by Alison Moritz and produced in partnership with Contemporaneous. Warka Vase is a new work by composer Rick Burkhardt and presented in collaboration with the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE).

Madame Ovary

May 15 - May 19, 2019
The Sam

Madame Ovary is a contemporary exploration of the body as a site of intuition, agency, and birth. With choreography by Jody Oberfelder and music composed by Missy Mazzoli, this new work focuses on the sociopolitical implications of the gut and genitals. The third in a trilogy following the heart (4Chambers 2013-14 on Governors Island and Arts@Renaissance, Brooklyn) and brain (The Brain Piece (at New York Live Arts 2017), this project will be born out of research into the spiritual attachment to the gut, centering particularly on intuition and sexuality in the body. Madame Ovary, which references Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, situates the body as a site for historical excavation, blending performative actions to create an empathic kinesthetic bridge to past and present bodies.