Show No Show

May 23 - May 27, 2018
The Pete

Two people get to know each other for the first time—two people who have few personal boundaries. They treat each other with a delightful immaturity, they role play to the most illogical extremes, and their openness to each other is intoxicating but vulnerable, exposed. Funny and unpredictable, they move in the spaces between understanding and misunderstanding, play and power, tenderness and conflict; they open up fully to each other while moving to their own rhythms.

Maple & Vine

May 11 - May 27, 2018
The Sam

New York Deaf Theatre (NYDT) presents an accessible production of MAPLE AND VINE, presented using a combination of American Sign Language, spoken English, and English Captioning. The cast and production team features a diverse group of Deaf and hearing artists.

The Tempest

May 31 - June 10, 2018
The Siggy

The third production of EPIC Players 2017-18 season is a neuro-inclusive adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest.

A Blanket of Dust

June 6 - June 30, 2018
Opening Night: 6/12

A Blanket of Dust is a political thriller and a new addition to the Theater of Resistance.  It is the story of Diana Crane, a modern day Antigone.  The daughter of a US Senator whose husband has died in the World Trade Center, her subsequent ordeal in seeking justice for his murder ultimately drives her to the outer fringes of society.  Struggling with facts that the government, the media, her family and her countrymen deny, she finally confronts them all with a harrowing act of sacrificial tragedy.


June 7 - June 16, 2018
The Siggy

5 plays go in. 3 plays come out. Your vote decides.

Laura Bush Killed a Guy

June 14 - July 8, 2018
The Pete

Laura Bush is an enigma wrapped in another enigma. She is shy, bookish, beautiful, and in 1963, she blew through a stop sign and killed a guy. It was probably just an accident. Perhaps it was simply youthful recklessness. Or maybe, just maybe… it was murder.

Waiting for Giovanni

July 12 - August 4, 2018
The Siggy

“Waiting for Giovanni,” a new play by Jewelle Gomez, in collaboration with Harry Waters Jr., imagines a moment in the mind of James Baldwin in which he struggles with writing a novel that he’s been told will ruin his career. The play will have its New York premiere presented by TOSOS (The Other Side of Silence), the city’s oldest LGBTQ theater.