Same Flea, new digs!

Dear Flea Family, Friends and Fans,

We’ve moved into our new digs at 20 Thomas Street, just four blocks south of our White Street location. Amidst construction workers and dust, we’re settling into our new home.

Phones are still in progress, so the best way to reach The Flea is by email.

Click here to find contact info for all our staff members.

New Flea Address:

The Flea Theater
20 Thomas Street
New York, NY 10007

Happy Holidays!

This year The Flea is thankful for:

10. Souths: If you don’t know the bar around the corner from The Flea, you should!

9. Our Upstairs Neighbors: Thanks for putting up with us!

8. 41 White Street: Where The Flea has lived for the last 20 years.

7. 20 Thomas Street: Our new home!

6. Our Board: 21 outstanding leaders in many different fields who lend their time and expertise to our small but mighty team.

5. Big Ideas on Tiny Stages: In 2016 The Flea took on natural disasters, Black Lives Matter, anti-Semitism, PTSD, and poverty, among other themes this season.

4. Serials: Late night programming @ The Flea that does what nobody else is doing. Cue the fake blood!

3. Our Writers: From A.R. Gurney (our beloved Pete) to Adam Rapp, Ellen McLaughlin, Sarah Gancher and Kristiana Rae Colón Рall of whom graced our stages this season.

2. Our Artists: The Bats, Resident Directors and Associate Artists who call The Flea home.

1. You! Our patrons, friends, fans and funders. What would we do without you?

Happy Holidays to all!
Love, All of us @ The Flea

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