The Shakes: Romeo and Juliet

The Flea Theater is proud to continue it’s tradition of late-night offerings with The Shakes: Romeo and Juliet.

Five teams of actors helmed by five Flea Resident Directors each perform an act from Shakespeare’s most tragic love story. Cast from The Flea resident acting company, The Bats, Romeo and Julietfollows the inaugural Shakes, The Honest Whoreby Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton. The Shakes: Romeo and Juliet will be performed in one-act installments until the play is complete.

Shakespeare’s iconic Romeo and Juliet is more than just a balcony scene. By tackling one act at a time The Flea will provide a unique audience experience of this well-known text – giving greater perspective to the circumstances and citizens of divided Verona. The late-night format and encouraged audience participation gives way to an invigorating atmosphere, and will create a truly “Flea” event.

Created by Flea Resident Directors Danya Taymor and Kristan Seemel, in collaboration with Flea Artistic Director Jim Simpson. Modeled after the infamous serialized act-by-act Pyramid Club Titus Andronicus from the 1980s, part of the thrill comes from the radically divergent thrust of each act in approach and delivery as the different artistic teams make the most out of their part of the play.