Prompts for a Socially Distanced Population

Wherever YOU Are

We can’t venture into the theater, but we can bring creative making into our homes. From the poetic to the gleefully weird, The Flea’s resident directors offer prompts to guide you on journeys exploring your home, neighborhoods, distant strangers and even your junk drawer. Each one is a crafted experience that transforms your everyday reality into a little playscape of its own.

Follow along and participate online by following The Flea’s Instagram. Share your creations with us by tagging @TheFleaTheater and using the hashtag #FleaPrompts. We will repost your artwork on our page!


Week 1: Friday, May 15

Joy Museum by Rebecca Aparicio

Create a joyful installation in your window. It can be an elaborate display a la Saks window at Christmas time or as simple as a drawing in your window. What inspires joy for you right now? Go with your gut and create the window display of your dreams. Lean in to the fun and share your joy with your neighbors, when you do it becomes #ourjoy. 

If you want to connect digitally, add a hashtag #OurJoyMuseum to join the #OurJoyMuseum community. 

Voiced by Alice Lussiana Parente

Week 2: Friday, May 22

Morning Moves by Tyler Thomas

This is best when done in bed, as the very first thing you do when you awake. Close your eyes. Allow your breath to come and go. Now, choose a single part of your body and bring awareness to it. Be as specific as you can. Is it your left elbow? Your torso? Gently start to move that body part. Light taps, gentle stretches. No more or no less than feels good to you. You can think of this as the body itself yawning, or a prayer of gratitude – your morning dance. When you feel ready, choose another body part. Move it also. Keep adding different parts of your body until your whole body is moving in bed. If thoughts begin to form, kindly shift your focus back to the simple movements. Let them evolve – expanding and contracting in unexpected ways. [A long pause] Now bring your dance to a close, and when you’re ready, open your eyes. ⁣

⁣Voiced by Niegel Smith