Jody Oberfelder Projects presents

Madame Ovary

May 15 - May 19, 2019
Tickets are $20, Opening Night Gala tickets are $150
The Sam

Madame Ovary is a contemporary exploration of the body as a site of intuition, agency, and identity with choreography by Jody Oberfelder, music composed by Missy Mazzoli (funded by New Music USA), and lighting by Kathy Kaufmann. This new work uses Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary’s story of a corseted life amid 19th Century social constructions as a springboard to address and provoke conversation on today’s gender revolution and the #metoo movement. Oberfelder boldly weaves together small stories, broad contexts, and big dancing. With empathy, humor, embroidered breast plates, and badass rocker panache, Oberfelder addresses an ever-evolving terrain of womanhood. Madame Ovary is the third work in Oberfelder’s body-part trilogy, following the heart, 4Chambers, (performed as an immersive installation on Governors Island and a former hospital in Brooklyn, 2013-14) and The Brain Piece, (at New York Live Arts in June 2017). This time Oberfelder focuses on the gut and genitals asking how are we defined by our bodies — or not?

Opening Night Gala

Wednesday May 15


Isabella O’Oonnell (piano), Emily Giovine, Elizabeth Hart (bass), Mary Madsen, Lou Mandolini, Jody Oberfelder, Maya Orchin, Mei Yamanaka

Creative Team

Choreographer/Director: Jody Oberfelder
Music: Missy Mazzoli
Lighting Designer: Kathy Kaufmann
Sound Designer: Almeda Beynon
Costume Designer: Jody Oberfelder

Jody Oberfelder is a director, choreographer, and filmmaker, creating visceral experiences for audiences, onstage and in alternative sites. Recent work: Things (South Bank’s Flowstate, Brisbane, Australia), On the Move Shortly, (St. Pancras Station, London), Castle Walk, (Braga, Portugal), The Brain Piece, Int’l Nanotechnology Summit, Dance Place, NY Live Arts.