Flea Fridays

March 20 - March 27, 2020
Tickets are $18*
The Pete
Each ticket includes a free drink!

Are you free?

Performances begin at 5:30pm, but feel free to come at 5pm and have a drink!

FLEA FRIDAYS is an immersive cabaret in residence in The Flea’s indoor/outdoor theater The Pete. Each one features some of downtown’s most daring artists, who invite audiences to engage with our most pressing social questions.

Curated and directed by Resident Director Michael Raine.
Written & Co-created by Liz Morgan, Produced by Annie Perales 

FLEA FRIDAYS features acts from guest artist Dennis Stowe and Bats Caroline Banks, Conor Bell, Rora Brodwin, Brendan George, and Dorothea Gloria and is hosted by The Fridays, Auberth Bercy, Sophie Gorai, Amber Jaunai, and Katryna Williams.

*All tickets include an additional $2 Theater Restoration Fee, which keeps the lights on in our new digs.