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$8 Tickets for Children
The Pete
$10 Tickets for Adults

Give us your children! Experience The Flea’s universe-hopping, monster-hunting, pigeon-loving, buffalo-bunning, future-seeing, family theater spectacle – a brand new way to watch age old stories.

Produced by Ben Schrager and Isabelle Pierre.

Flea Resident Directors, working with a cadre of up-and-coming writers, created ethnically and culturally specific interpretations of folk tales written in 10 minute installments, including…

Fatima and Her Pigeon
Written by Noelle Ghoussaini
Directed by Kate Moore Heaney

Happy Fatima lived with her family in Damascus where she helped her grandfather tend to his famed carrier pigeons. That is until the civil war forced her family to flee their home in search of peace and new prosperity. But will Fatima be able to say goodbye to her favorite pigeon and will her pigeon be able to find a new home?

Not My Monster
Written by Nick Gandiello
Directed by Niegel Smith

From Russia comes the charming tale of the Domovoi, a house spirit who protects families.  When an oligarch is forced to move with his wife and two children from their prosperous home in the city to a dank and faraway swamp, the children are not sure that their Domovoi came along too. Find out what the Domovoi has in store for Mother, Father, Darya and Vasily in their new home.

The Girl With No Hands
Written by Charly Evon Simpson
Co-Directed by Kimille Howard
and Stevie Walker-Webb

Once upon a time a girl named Yvonne could see the future with her hands.  This is a world with and about free people of color in New Orleans. Find out how Yvonne shapes her future without her family or her hands.

Written by Sara Farrington
Directed by Marina McClure

The short stories of Italian author Italo Calvino come to magical life as Qfwfq, an always-extant being, makes their way in a brave new world.

The Lorikeet
Book and Lyrics by EllaRose Chary
Music by Sooyeon Lee
Directed by Eugene Ma

In faraway Hong Kong a lovely little lorikeet named Penelope lives in a cage by the window.  She longs to be free and to fly in the sky but her farmer insists that she is safer in her cage just admiring the sky.  Her only true friend is the water buffalo next door, but he is tethered to a plow and also not free.  And neither is the farmer who is tethered to the owner of the land.  This charming musical tale explores the price of freedom in a land where no one is free.