Meet Roland Lane – NOAH of Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill

Roland Lane, a member of The Flea’s Bat Acting Company, plays NOAH, the wanderlust heartthrob in our upcoming production of Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill written by Steph Del Rosso. The production, directed by our Resident Director, Marina McClure, explores how we heal a broken heart.

Roland originally from Philadelphia, currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Unlike his character—NOAH in FillX7—doesn’t play games when it comes to courting a woman. “I don’t use pick-up lines. It’s easier to start with ‘hi’ and start a conversation from there.”

I’ve been a professional actor for eight years and I’ve loved every moment. As soon as “action” or “curtain” is called, I feel alive. This alive feeling elevates as when I first step into my character’s costume. I have a very special connection to every performance because of the audience. Each audience brings a very special energy to the room and I connect with that on a very individual level.

When I was a sophomore, I was in our high school’s production of Anything Goes and that was my first experience being in a stage play. The show was great. Looking back, I cannot believe how much that one production changed my life and set me on my current path.

I first learned about The Flea and the Bats a few years ago from my friend, Abraham Makany, who was associated with the theater at the time. Seeing the projects he was working on I wanted to be a part of the company too. The energy that’s in the new space is energizing and refreshing. It’s been great being a part of this artistic community and especially working with Niegel. It’s been nothing short of great! I appreciate every direction and suggestion he makes. It only helps to heighten the quality of my storytelling and craft.

Outside of FillX7, I can be seen in “Brooklyn. Blue. Sky.” on BET’s digital platform and on the Bet Now app. In this web series, I play Duncan. Duncan is very similar to Noah in that they go where their hearts’ lead them. They both love to love, but also love themselves and are truly unaware of how their actions affect those around them. That is where I differ from my characters— I love to love, however, I am constantly aware of the energies around me and do my best to check in with those I love.

My advice to those who want to pursue any dream is—build your squad! You cannot do this on your own. People I would love in my squad that I currently do not know are Andre Braugher, Jeffrey Wright, and John Malkovich.

The skill that has attributed the most to my success is definitely patience.