Meet Monique St. Cyr – KATE of Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill

I’ve been doing theatre now for six years in New York, ten years if I count college productions, fifteen years if I count from my first show at the local university when I was growing up. I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of theater, however, if I could change one thing, it would be ticket prices. The theater is becoming inaccessible to a growing number of people, especially young people because of the ticket prices.

I love table work and the conversations about the play. During the table work, we’re still learning about the characters and the playwright’s intentions. I love falling in love with a play through someone else’s gaze.

I love being at The Flea because of the new works that are presented. I appreciate meeting talented writers and directors. I love hanging out with the other Bats in the company and I truly feel a strong sense of community. I love the enthusiasm and work ethic that so many of us share!

My earliest memory of acting on a stage is of playing an angel in the church Christmas play when I was about four years old. The first Broadway show I saw was Aida when I was twelve.

There’s something about growth and success that people want it to be linear, but sometimes it’s not terribly formulaic. And I think FillX7 investigates that notion of success and self-acceptance for a young woman in a world where little girls still grow up dreaming they’ll marry a prince.

Monique St. Cyr, a member of The Flea’s Bat Acting Company, plays KATE in The Flea’s production of Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill written by Steph Del Rosso. The production, directed by our Resident Director, Marina McClure, explores how we put ourselves out there after dealing with a very public heartbreak.