Meet Joseph Huffman – RAY of Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill

Joseph Huffman (right), a member of The Flea’s Bat Acting Company, plays RAY in our upcoming production of Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill written by Steph Del Rosso. The production, directed by our Resident Director, Marina McClure, explores how we heal a broken heart.

I am currently working on Fillx7. I pretty much love everything about it. It’s a monster of a play. I go into rehearsal every day wondering how we are going to pull it off, and that is exciting.

My first reaction when I read the script was “how the hell are they going to stage this?”The dialog was so fast paced and the transitions were so intense that it didn’t seem possible without a huge budget.

I like theater that doesn’t play it safe. Maybe it’s the subject matter, the acting, the setting, but I like when risks are taken. Honest storytelling is key.

Acting has taught me how to listen to other people. Actors are typically labeled as “selfish” but acting itself has the capacity to be very humbling and selfless. Good acting involves listening to the other person on stage. When I’m up there on stage, I usually couldn’t tell you what I’m doing, but I sure as hell can tell you what the other actor is doing. It’s all about the other person.

I love the rehearsal process. It’s about figuring out what the play “is” with the people you have in the room. You get to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. It’s a difficult, but joyful experience. You get up there and try things out and they don’t always work. There is something extremely gratifying about that “aha!” moment when a scene finally clicks.

I love the sense of community The Flea provides. I spent a long time out there on my own without a sense of place. The Flea has become my “home base.” Whether it’s readings, mainstage shows, or Serials, I get constant opportunities to do what I love and with people I respect. Every artist struggles, but at The Flea we struggle together and give each other support.

My advice to new actors just starting out is to find a group that you connect with and stick together. It can be a cold business and unless you can find some kind of artistic community to connect with, you don’t stand a chance. Also, don’t try to give people what you think they want. Stay true to your own artistic integrity.