Extra Credit: Meet Rachel Lin

For our final cast interview for Two Class Acts, we had some questions for Ajax actress and SERIALS producer Rachel Lin!

Hi Rachel! Tell us– who do you play in Ajax?

Meg, a first year adjunct instructor of Classical Drama.

You share this role with fellow Bat Olivia Jampol. What has it been like to share a role with her? 

It’s a huge compliment to be cast in a role also played by Olivia Jampol! Who could wish for a more beautiful & intelligent counterpart? It’s inappropriate how much we all like each other. Our brilliant stage manager, Kaila Hill, keeps us all in line.

And what else might we have seen you in recently?

I recently made an appearance in Tiny Little Band’s presentation of their upcoming show Your Hair Looked Great by Jerry Lieblich directed by Stefanie Abel Horowitz for Prelude. I also got to share the stage with some folks I really admire in Nikole Beckwith’s short play, Nobody Likes Themselves directed by Kevin Laibson for F*ck It Club at the New Ohio. And of course, everyone’s favorite late-night, episodic play competition: SERIALS.

In fact, SERIALS starts again up this Thursday evening– our last cycle in The Flea’s current location! What does it feel like to be acting in the last show on White Street?

It’s bittersweet. I feel like I’m saying goodbye to a childhood home. I’ve met people I consider to be the top theater makers of my generation here – actors, writers, directors, producers. I’ve sat in the audience of the Downstairs Theater and witnessed some of my favorite performances ever. I can mark my growth as an actor on the walls of this place. It’s a huge privilege to be able to pay tribute to all those artists who’ve come through here.

The other final show on White Street is the one-act Squash, which centers on a squash-enthusiast. If you could choose one person to play squash with, who would you choose and why?

Bill Murray. The answer to questions like this is always, Bill Murray. Also, I think he’d have a sense of humor about my lack of hand-eye coordination.

Ha- Ben Lorenz had the same answer! As you know, both Ajax and Squash also deal with the idea of the student-teacher romance. How about you? Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? (You can feel free to give us details, if you want!) 

Absolutely. My freshman writing seminar instructor my first semester of college was a total babe. He also happens to be a pulitzer prize nominated playwright now. He’d have us write a poem to read aloud to the class every week, and would bring one in as well. Swoon.

Very swoon. And last but not least, how would you describe yourself in any three fictional characters?

Eloise, Napoleon Dynamite, Oren Ishii from Kill Bill.

An excellent combo. Thanks, Rachel!

To catch Rachel in both SERIALS and Ajax, make sure to get your tickets and join us for last call on White Street!