When you buy tickets for a Flea show, you might wonder what “Tickets start at…” or “Dynamic Ticket Pricing” means. And we’re here to help!


I see that “Tickets start at $15,” but I can only find $25 or $35 tickets. Why is that?

All Flea productions offer a small, limited amount of $15 tickets. Once those tickets are purchased, ticket prices are raised incrementally.

The more tickets are purchased to a Flea production, the more expensive tickets will be.


I paid more for a ticket – does that mean I get a better seat?

No. All Flea tickets are General Admission, meaning there is no reserved seating (unless you buy a VIP Ticket or require an accessible seat). It’s first-come, first-served – so once we open the house, make sure to get a good seat!


How do I get $15 tickets?

  1. Join our mailing list to find out when tickets go on sale!
  2. Buy your tickets early!
  3. Become a Flea Member and get advanced access to $15 tickets!


What if I still have more questions about Dynamic Ticket Pricing?

We’re happy to answer them! Talk to our General Management Associate, Shannon Buhler…

…on the phone at (212) 226-0051 ext. 103.
…via email at shannonb@theflea.org.