Yuriy Pavlish

Yuriy Pavlish is a Ukrainian-American artist based in New York City. A maverick director, actor, musician, and producer, he has had the opportunity to work and study with a slew of trailblazing American theater artists, including Emily Young (Fiasco), Davis McCallum (Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival), Ted Lewis (Bedlam), J. Allen Suddeth (SAFD Fight Master), Tara O’Con (Third Rail Projects), and many others. He is the Executive Director of Shakespeare in the Square, an innovative classical theater ensemble, and works extensively with Roll the Bones Theatre company and Combative Theatre Company. Recent credits include: Coriolanus: From Man to Dragon (Director), Hamlet in the Golden Vale (Laertes), which won Best Feature at the Manhattan Film Festival in 2018, and Smith Street Stage’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Producer) in Carroll Park.