Xavier Velasquez

Xavier Velasquez (Pouty Bitch) one of the newest members of The Bats, is a dancer, singer and actor from Miami, Fl. Xavier was born in Miami and raised in a Nicaraguan household that was always fond of music and art. Xavier always had an interest in performance, frequently performing in school plays, singing in choir, and dancing privately in his room. At 19, Xavier moved to Chicago where he began his dance training at Hubbard Street Dance Center, focusing on ballet and hip hop. After a few years of dance training and graduating from Malcolm X College with an AA, Xavier decided he would continue to pursue a career in performance in New York City. Xavier currently lives in the Bronx, NY with his roommate and fellow BAT member TanyaMaria. These days he is seeking to develop a strong acting prowess, honing his skills in street dance as a voguer, and training his singing voice. All with the intent of pursuing more opportunities in theater and the entertainment industry.