A Message from our Producing Director, Carol Ostrow

“How can a little off-off-Broadway theater fill the void in an unscrupulous global arena?” When the world becomes increasingly more uncomfortable; when leadership is amoral and government as unprincipled, I question — how can we make an impact through our work here at The Flea?

I have had the privilege of working for The Flea since 2001 and the driving force at The Flea has always been and will continue to be to produce plays that respond to the world around us.  We not only raise a joyful hell in our small space but the standards of Off-Off-Broadway for artists and audiences alike with a moral compass.

The Flea Theater is an incubator and generator of risk-taking and provocative work that we hope inspires contemporary audiences. We believe the theater is a place for expression, debate and exchange about the important issues of our time. What keeps me going to work at The Flea every day feeling hopeful is that the plays we produce also bear witness to truths that are other than our own.

As you can sit in The Flea’s darkened theaters side by side with our inclusive and diverse audience, you become part of a new community that bears witness to a wider reality. And our inclusive and diverse company of artists, most notably The Bats, is also emblematic of a new certainty. Art can change our culture and The Bats are a fact of that change.

Over 21 years, we have seen the talent and breadth of achievement of our Bats. And though we are a small theater, we not only have with deep roots in downtown New York and a strong presence in our city’s cultural arena, but we have global reach.