Cycle 2: 11/11 - 11/19


November 11 - November 19, 2017
$20 for you and your child
The Pete
$10 each additional child

The Flea brings our signature serialized theater madness to young audiences ages 5+ with a new series, Cereals @ The Flea!

Produced by Ben Schrager and Isabelle Pierre.

Flea Resident Directors, working with a cadre of up-and-coming writers, created ethnically and culturally specific interpretations of folk tales written in 10 minute installments, including…

Fatima and Her Pigeon
Written by Noelle Ghoussaini
Directed by Kate Moore Heaney

Fraught with the questions of what to keep and what gets left behind, part one of Fatima and Her Pigeon is the story of a little girl willing to risk it all for tradition, her history and her pigeon.

Not My Monster
Written by Nick Gandiello
Directed by Kareem Fahmy

When the wrong monster arrives at a family’s new home, Darya, the family scientist, immediately senses something amiss. Faced with tired parents and an skeptic brother, Darya must prove to the family that this Domovi is not their monster!

The Girl With No Hands
Written by Charly Evon Simpson
Co-Directed by Kimille Howard
and Stevie Walker-Webb

What will Yvonne do when the people and things she loves the most are stripped from her? Based on the German FairyTale collected by the Brother’s Grimm and told with music and an very opinionated tree, Episode 1 of The Girl With No Hands takes us on a journey of a brave little girl thrust out of comfortable life and forced to flee to the vivacious streets of New Orleans.

Written by Sara Farrington
Directed by Marina McClure

Loosely based on Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics, episode 1, split into two acts, tells the origin of Qfwfq – a creature who begins life as a triceratops but is constantly transforming and trying on new identities – in an exciting setting that challenges it to learn, grow, and evolve.


And stay tuned for The Lorikeet in Cycle 2!

The Lorikeet
Book and Lyrics by EllaRose Chary
Music by Sooyeon Lee
Directed by Eugene Ma