Tim Catlett

Production Manager

Tim Catlett’s life has involved many twists and turns. A military upbringing took him around the world preparing him for the crazy life of a theater professional. Back in New York after almost 30 years, his time was spent in national touring, television, radio, independent and studio films, and no little amount of his first love; the stage, variously as designer, technical director, and/or director. He is a WI-certified Theater Teacher; a dearly loved 16 years of the hardest theater ever. He also has a passion for being creative safely, consulting and lecturing on theater safety programs. Additionally, he has been a magician and magic consultant for over 30 years. Most importantly, he is the proud father of a young lady who is a Shakespeare fanatic, and a young man who thinks working backstage would be awesome. He relishes the prospects of his time to come with The Flea.